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Radbar Hydrocarbon Jointing Tape - Single-sided 100mm x 20m

£32.95 Ex VAT
£39.54 Inc VAT

A single-sided 100mm hydrocarbon jointing tape for sealing over the face of joints between two sheets of hydrocarbon membrane.

Single-Sided Hydrocarbon Jointing Tape

Radbar Single-sided Hydrocarbon Tape is highly effective at sealing over the face of hydrocarbon membrane joints. It is used when membrane joints cannot be avoided. 

Uses of Radbar Hydrocarbon Tape

Radbar Hydrocarbon Tape is compatible with gas barrier membranes in particular the Radbar Flexible Hydrocarbon Membrane. It is designed to seal the face of joints between sections of membrane. 

The single-sided tape prevents any screed getting under the flap between membranes and causing an issue. It is often used in combination with Double-sided Hydrocarbon Tape that can be used to create a hydrocarbon and gas-resistant seal. 

If you want to create a gas seal opt for our Double-sided Hydrocarbon Tape.

Using Radbar Single-Sided Hydrocarbon Tape

Make sure the membranes are free from debris, dry, and clean. The single-sided hydrocarbon tape is applied across the face of the Hydrocarbon Membrane joints. We recommend an overlap of at least 150mm. Tape over the face of the joint between the membranes and apply pressure. 

Permagard - Gas Membrane & Accessory Stockists

Permagard stocks a wide range of gas membranes and related products. This hydrocarbon jointing tape is a key part of the range, allowing you to tape over joints between flexible hydrocarbon membranes.    

For more information on installing and jointing gas membranes, read our gas barrier installation guide.


  • Long service life (lifetime of building)
  • Designed for use with Radbar Flexible Hydrocarbon Membranes
  • Resistant to hydrocarbons
  • Excellent elongation properties
  • Helps prevent issues at membrane overlaps