Sulfatex Grout 25kg
High quality, single component brush applied waterproofing grout for use on masonry surfaces internally and externally.


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Waterproof Grout

The Sulfatex Waterproofing grout is designed for waterproofing cellars from the interior to protect against ground damp, nonstanding and standing seepage water, water pressure and water from behind.

Waterproof Grout Uses

This waterproofing grout is highly effective in the following situations:

▪ For the restoration of old buildings, particularly damp plinths and cellar walls. For large surface moisture penetration. Also for vertical waterproofing in areas where subsequent horizontal barriers are placed.

▪ For waterproofing new buildings (cellars) and building elements against ground damp (moisture) from the exterior as well as against rising damp in the positioning areas of walls with good adhesive shear strength.

▪ As protection from moisture from behind when new buildings are waterproofed with crack-bridging, Remmers Bitumen Thick Coatings or Spray-On Waterproofing.

▪ For coating manure basins and sewage treatment plants when combined with Remmers Kiesol and Elasto Grout.

▪ In a system for substrates with salt loads

▪ For mineral waterproofing in potable water areas.


  • Fast and reliable
  • Simply apply with a brush
  • High quality single component waterproofing grout
  • Sulphate resistant
  • Effective in numerous situations
Model: RMSG
Manufacturer: Remmers
Packaging: individually
Size: 25 kilo bag
Dilution: The liquid demand is 5-5.3 litres of water per 25 kilo bag
Coverage: A general guide of 2 kilos per m2 / coat
Country of Manufacture: No

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