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Read More About Does Damp Proof Paint Really Work?

Does Damp Proof Paint Really Work?

Is your property suffering from damp and ugly mould patches? Well, you’re not alone. Damp is one of the most common problems suffered by properties in the UK. Like you, many homeowners are looking for a long-lasting solution. Here at Permagard, we have the solution.

Damp proof paint is specifically formulated for treating interior wall surfaces and can be easily applied and maintained. It’s hassle-free, yet reliable, ensuring long-lasting protection against damp issues in your home.

How Damp Proof Paint Can Help

Reduce the risk of damp problems 

Damp proof paint can reduce the risk of damp resurfacing. Homes in wet climates are more prone to damp problems, therefore damp proof paint acts as a barrier against water invasion.

Easy to maintain

Although more advanced than ordinary wall paint, damp proof paint can be easily applied and maintained. If left to dry long enough, the final surface can be washed or wiped like any regular wall.

Save money

Damp proof paint contains a powerful polymer that protects it for longer, so in the long run there will be less additional costs.

Make home appealing

Damp proof paint can be used to make rooms suffering from damp look brighter and fresher and more importantly it will make them damp-free. If you are selling or planning to rent your property, make sure that any damp problems are treated professionally. A potential buyer or tenant will be instantly put off if damp is visible in the property.

How to prepare walls before applying damp proof paint

Surfaces need to be free from any previous coatings including paint or bitumens. All dirt and debris should be vacuumed from the surface. The substrate can be dampened down to help aid the penetration of the coating. No surface water should be present before, during or throughout the drying process.

Permaseal Damp Proof Paint

Permagard’s PermaSEAL damp proof paint can be used on numerous surfaces for damp proofing and vapour proofing applications.

Our damp proof paint is a high-performing liquid, ready to use straight from the bucket. The paint’s consistency is similar to thick emulsion paint, boasting of several properties including flexibility and resistance to light abrasion and UV light.

The damp proof paint can be applied simply by using a brush, roller or spray and can dry within one hour of the application. The paint dries to a semi-gloss finish and can be painted over with ordinary emulsion paints.

PermaSEAL damp proof paint can be used to treat a variety of damp proof problems. It can be used under a render as a waterproof layer when damp proofing walls, or used as a cover up to treat damp stains on painted surfaces. Aside from this, the reliable paint can be used as part of a basement waterproofing system.

The product is particularly useful for treating moist rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens. The paint can be applied underneath tiled areas to ensure protection against damp and mould growth.

For more uses, check out our damp proof paint page.

Other benefits:
• Tough, flexible and elastic
• Non toxic, non hazardous, solvent and plasticiser free
• Quick drying
• Low water vapour permeability
• Can be applied to alkaline surfaces
• Resistant to silage acids
• Non staining, non blocking
• User-friendly

So, does damp proof paint really work?

With the right technique and the right brand, yes, damp proof paint can really protect your home against damp. Just remember that ordinary paint will not treat damp or mould problems.  It is also important to note that damp proof paint will not work as a substitute if your property is suffering from structural damage caused by damp.

For more details on our PermaSEAL damp proof paint, anti mould paint or any other of our damp proofing products call us on 0117 982 3282.