PermaSEAL Damp Proof Paint 5L
Rating: 98 / 100
A high performance multi-purpose damp proof paint that stops damp and vapour.

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RRP £45.00 Ex VAT
£28.50 Ex VAT £34.20 Inc VAT

Damp Proof Membrane Paint

PermaSEAL Damp Proof Paint is a high performance liquid damp proof membrane. All you need to do is brush or roller it on to a sound masonry surface to create a damp proof and vapour proof layer.

  • Forms a flexible membrane that stops water & vapour coming through, reducing the chances of damp forming 
  • Blocks penetrating damp on interior walls and ceilings in two coats
  • Highly effective damp proof paint for internal walls that can be applied to damp surfaces 
  • Can be painted over with standard emulsions or wallpapered over when dry 

This high quality professional product can be used as a general damp proof paint for walls and ceilings as well as a highly effective damp proof membrane (DPM) for floors. 

With a consistency similar to thick emulsion paint, it is available in two colours:

  • white damp proof paint
  • black damp proof paint

Benefits of PermaSEAL Damp Proof Paint

PermaSEAL damp proof paint is a highly adaptable and powerful multi-purpose product. It is:

  • Fast-drying
  • Ready to use straight from the bucket
  • Fully waterproof
  • Solvent-free 
  • Professional product
  • Dries to a semi-gloss finish
  • Stops damp and vapour damaging decorations
  • UV resistant

Damp Proof Paint Uses

PermaSEAL damp proof paint is a multi-purpose high performance product. It can fulfil a range of purposes, including:

  • A general interior damp proof paint for multiple surfaces including render, plaster, brickwork. Suitable for both walls and ceilings.
  • Floors: a damp proof floor paint that can be applied above and below screeds to provide a damp proof membrane. It needs to have a further coating to protect it from damage.
  • Walls: a damp proof wall paint that can be used under a render as a waterproof layer.
  • Externally: below ground as a primary waterproofing membrane behind a cavity drain membrane (Speak to our technical advisors).
  • Tiling: under tiled areas as a secondary protection for wet areas such as bathrooms.
  • Bunds, silage and sewage tanks: protects concrete from silage attack.
  • Gas Barrier: protection against methane and radon penetration.
  • Timber: joist ends can be waterproofed before installation into damp walls

Note: Speak to one of our technical advisers if you are considering using this product in a basement as there are risks involved.  For areas of water ingress under hydrostatic pressure we suggest Permaseal Tanking as a waterproof barrier.

How to Use Damp Proof Paint


Make sure that all surfaces are sound, free of loose material, dust, oil, grease, rubber marks etc. PermaSEAL Damp Proof Paint should not be applied over any previous coatings like emulsion paints and bitumen as these can stop it working or bonding effectively. 

When using as a damp proof paint, ensure that any masonry / brickwork is flush and pointed. All defects in existing surfaces should be made good. Ideally, you want a smooth surface with a trowelled or brushed finish. 

When using as a liquid DPM make sure the substrate is load-bearing, and that any laitance is removed mechanically (common on new concrete floors/screeds). Speak with a technical adviser if unsure.

How to apply Damp Proof Paint

Before applying the damp proof paint, stir the contents of the bucket well. The damp proof paint is now ready to be applied by brush or roller. It’s that simple. Follow decorating best practice.

When using as a damp proof wall paint for treating internal walls, the best method is a sandwich system. This is where you chip off the render and then apply the damp proof paint before applying new plaster. 

We recommend two coats are applied for all purposes. All subsequent coats should be applied at right angles to the previous coat. 

Before applying a second coat, allow the first coat to become touch dry. This is typically within one hour. The second coat should be applied within 24 hours of applying the first coat. Once the second coat is dry, you can paint over it, or apply further decoration such as wallpaper.   

How much Damp Proof Paint do I need?

To achieve a damp proof barrier, PermaSEAL Damp Proof Paint must be applied as specified and not stretched to cover larger areas. It has a coverage rate of 1 litre/m² when applied in two coats each of 0.5 litres /m². For more details click on the FAQ tab. 

You can read reviews in the review tab, highlighting why PermaSEAL is the best damp proof paint on the market.

PermaSEAL - Complete solutions. Made possible.

PermaSEAL damp proof paint is part of our complete PermaSEAL range of damp proofing products where quality, value and technical excellence come together. If you have questions around the way this powerful multi purpose product can be used, give our team a call. You can also read our FAQs in the tab where we cover some of your commonly asked damp proof paint questions.   

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  • Ready to use straight from the bucket
  • Single pack system - use what you need and then replace the lid
  • Water-based product 
  • Can be applied to a damp background (no surface water)
  • Solvent free and plasticiser free - non toxic, non hazardous
  • Quick drying - typically touch dry in 1 hour leading to quick recoat times
  • Good bond to many substrates
  • Highly effective damp proof paint for internal walls 
  • Professional damp proof paint for concrete floors
  • Toughness, high flexibility, extensibility and good crack-bridging properties
  • Available as white or black damp proof paint
  • Low water vapour permeability
  • Alkali resistant & also resistant to silage acids
  • Non-staining
Model: PDPP
Manufacturer: Permagard
Packaging: Individually
Size: 5 Litres
Dilution: Ready to use emulsion
Coverage: 10m² per 5 litre container or 5m² for two coats. This product should be applied in a minimum of two coats, each of 0.5 litres/m².
Colour White and Black
Country of Manufacture: United Kingdom

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Damp paint

Excellent service delivery really fast good value as well

Permagard Reply:

Hi Janet Thank you for your review, we are really glad you received your order quickly and that you are happy with your purchase. The Permagard Team

Tip for getting the LID OFF

Product arrived the next day and left in my safe place, thanks.
The lid can be easily opened by , using a screwdriver. The plastic belt that holds the lid down, needs to be pulled away from the lid, as I did this I saw holes in between, I placed the screw driver into these holes, then leaver forwards so you expose the lid, repeat this action all around till the lid till free, then use the screw driver to ease the lid off. I hope this helps you get the lid off easily. Tips from a woman without brute force, gently does it. x

A quality product, would be nice to buy a smaller tub

I was trying to solve a damp problem on a chimney breast in a previously neglected house. A leaking gutter had poured rain onto the outside wall for years. A year after renovation, the chimney breast was still damp. I really appreciated the advice available from Permaguard technical people that it could take months more to dry. I applied the damp proof membrane to the external wall 6 months ago and salt neutraliser on the inside. The damp then seemed to get worse for many weeks as it was drawn through to the inside, but eventually dried and stayed dry. I've applied this damp proof paint for good measure to ensure no stain comes through any decoration, but I only needed a small amount. It would be great to be able to buy this and the other Permaguard products in small quantities. Most will be wasted. I also struggled with the lid and couldn't get it off but realised I could pull up the spout under the red cover and then pour some into a paint tub. Some instructions on opening would be very useful.

Good Stuff, what's not to like?

Bought 6 cans and it was an absolute pain in the nether regions trying to get the lid off the cans. Is it just me or does anyone else have the same trouble? Had to spend a good 10 minutes with screwdrivers, water pump pliers and chisels just trying to get the cans open!
Having said that, the rest was a breeze, paint went on like a dream liberally with brush and roller, easy to apply, does what it says on the tin, am well happy if somewhat knackered!

Does what it says on the tin

Very easy to use and is holding the damp back

Money well spent

Great product with many uses as explained to me by Steve

Brilliant product

I was recommended to use this product under a replacement parquet floor in our lounge. The original was damaged by damp coming up through the concrete slab. The damp proof paint was very easy to apply (like emulsion paint). We applied two coats in three hours then laid our floor the next day. I now feel very confident that damp will not damage the floor again. Thank you Permagard.

Quick and easy to use

Used as a wet room paint, easy to apply, quick drying, got two coats on in 2 hours then tiled over. Used what I had left to cover water marks on the ceiling below the bathroom then painted over with standard magnolia emulsion to match the rest of the ceiling.

Happy customer

Good value and easy to use

I purchased this product to use on the inside wall of my garage to cover up damp patches that appear when it rains heavily on the external wall. I applied two coats as per the data sheet and it has stoped the damp showing when it rains. Very easy to apply, I managed to get two coats on in one day. Thank you to the technical team for their help and advice.

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Can Damp Proof Paint be applied to damp walls?

Yes, damp proof paint can be applied to damp walls. However, the wall must have no standing water on it and have a relative humidity (RH) of less than 30%.

What is the recommended temperature range for painting?

The surface temperature must be a minimum of 10 degrees celsius and the ambient air temperature must not fall below 10 degrees celsius. Also, the air and surface temperature must not exceed 25 degrees celsius.

How much damp proof paint do I need?

For the dry film thickness to be 0.6mm, the wet film thickness needs to be 1.1mm. This will be achieved at a coverage rate of 1 litre/m² applied in two coats each of 0.5 litres /m².

My garage is half brick and half blockwork – can PermaSEAL Damp Proof Paint be used on both?

In principle Damp Proof Paint can be used on both however with block it is essential the paint covers all holes, gaps and perforations at the right thickness, if they are not covered you will get leaks. The best option is to render the blocks flat first so you have a solid face to apply the paint onto.