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PermaSEAL Brick Sealer

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Seal your brickwork and masonry from damp with our water-resistant breathable brick sealer.

Breathable Brick Sealer & Masonry Sealant

PermaSEAL Brick Sealer is a high quality breathable masonry sealant for external walls. It’s suitable for brick, concrete, natural porous stone and masonry. Our water-based sealer with its special chemical formula makes your brickwork water-resistant whilst allowing it to breathe. It’s effective in protecting your home against rain and penetrating damp for years to come.

As a clear brick sealer, it also won’t impact the appearance of your exterior wall, drying to a natural matt finish. It’s also completely safe to use, with a solvent-free formulation.

PermaSEAL Brick Sealer is available in 5 litre & 15 litre containers.

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How does it work 

Some masonry and brick sealants work by creating a plastic film to seal over your brickwork. While this makes the brick impenetrable to water, it causes issues by stopping damp and moist air from escaping.

Our breathable brick wall sealer effectively seals the brick from water ingress by lining the pores of the substrate without blocking them. This allows moisture to escape, allowing your home to breathe. Once applied, the brick sealer impregnates the substrate, lining the pores with silane and siloxane. These chemicals ensure excellent water repellency and breathability rather than a non-breathable approach to waterproofing brickwork.

It also prevents organic growth such as moss and lichen. Generally, this helps protect your exterior walls from deterioration as well as water damage.


PermaSEAL brick sealer is suitable for a range of surfaces, including:

  • Brickwork, including red brick and clay-based brick
  • Masonry
  • Concrete
  • Porous natural stone

How to apply Brick Sealer

Our exterior brick sealer is easy to apply with a low-pressure sprayer. You can also use a brush for applying around windows, doors and into deeper joints. Two wet on wet coats are required to achieve the best possible protection.


Depending on how porous your brickwork is, for two coats you can expect 5 litres to cover 10-12.5m² and the 15 litres to cover 30 - 37.5m².


Make sure your exterior wall is in good condition, repairing any cracks and replacing faulty pointing before application. The surface should also be free from oil, grease, dust or any paint layers. You want to wait for a dry day to apply the masonry sealer.

We always recommend testing the sealer on a small area to make sure it impregnates the surface correctly and is not repelled. Once applied the product may darken the surface for a few weeks but it will return to its original appearance. You can also confirm that its dried appearance is clear and natural.

Protect windows, doors and other non target surfaces from spray and mist with coverings.


Note: whilst this product can be applied by masonry roller we highly recommend for ease that it is applied by a suitable sprayer.

Shake the container, then remove the lid and carefully pour into a suitable sprayer.

Starting at the top of the wall, begin spraying in a horizontal direction across the wall until the surface refuses the brick sealer and the product starts to run down the wall. Follow the run off down the wall in horizontal strips making sure the whole wall has been covered.

Leave the surface to absorb the brick sealer until it looks damp but not wet.

When applying the second coat, follow the same procedure starting from the top and working in horizontal strips across the wall.

Any over spray or contamination onto non target surfaces need to be washed off immediately. Clean equipment after use with warm water.

It is possible to apply a third wet on wet coat for even greater performance, however this must be done at the time of application and not at a later date.

Full details of installation are available in the data sheet in the Downloads tab. You can also read our guide to protecting exterior masonry and brickwork.

PermaSEAL - Complete solutions. Made possible.

Under our PermaSEAL brand, we stock a range of high quality water repellents, masonry sealers and facade creams. If you want to know more about which product best suits your situation, contact our technical team today.


  • Breathable brick and masonry sealer
  • Solvent Free
  • Highly water resistant
  • Prevents Organic Growth
  • Surface beading
  • Dries clear - doesn’t affect surface appearance
  • Easy to apply by brush or sprayer
  • Water resistant within 24 hours Lifespan
  • 10+ years
  • Suitable for brickwork, masonry, cement, concrete, walls and facades
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