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Polyshield Liquid Roof Membrane Topcoat 5L

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High performance cold-applied liquid roof waterproofer topcoat that provides amazingly durable waterproofing for any roof substrate. Part of a two-coat system with Polyshield Basecoat.

Liquid Roof Waterproofer Topcoat

Polyshield Topcoat is part of a high performance two-coat liquid roof membrane designed for waterproofing a range of roof substrates. When used in conjunction with Polyshield Basecoat, it creates a rubber-based waterproof roof coating that bonds to virtually any primed substrate to provide a smooth and seamless waterproofing system. It is designed for ease of application and to last longer than other roof waterproofing methods.


Polyshield’s extremely durable and long-lasting two-coat roof waterproofing system always requires a primer as well. It is ideal as a primary waterproofing layer for green roof systems.

Liquid Roof Membrane Uses

Polyshield Topcoat when used in combination with Polyshield Basecoat can be used to create a liquid roof membrane in the following scenarios:

  • Green Roof - prior to the installation of a green roof system on both pitched and flat roofs
  • Flat roof waterproofer - an ideal long-lasting waterproof membrane for flat roofs

This seamless rubber waterproof coating can be used on the following substrates:

  • Weathered Asphalt & bituminous Surfaces
  • Concrete, Brickwork, Fibreglass and GRP
  • Wood - weathered Plys, OSB/Plywood, Wooden Substrates
  • EPDM

Green Roof Waterproofer

Polyshield is ideal for green roofs as a primary waterproofing layer. It has been developed specifically for overlay applications where a longer life expectancy is required. It can waterproof both wood and concrete surfaces along with existing felts. Simply install the liquid roof membrane before adding the root barrier.

See our Growers Green Roof Kit and Starter Green Roof Kits.

Note: We recommend that the Polyshield system is installed by an experienced contractor

Installing a liquid roof membrane topcoat

As a two-coat system, you will need to apply the Basecoat (sold separately) and reinforcing scrim to the entire surface area. You can then apply this topcoat to create long-lasting waterproofing. Internal/external corners and any protrusions would require some extra preparation by cutting and installing sections of the reinforcement scrim, as per downloadable drawings.


Make sure you are wearing suitable protective clothing including gloves and goggles.

Start your preparation by cleaning out any splits or cracks in the roof substrate, and repairing as required with reinforcing roofing scrim. Brush the surface with a stiff bristle brush.

All substrates will need to be primed with Polyshield Primer before applying the Polyshield Basecoat and Topcoat. Consult manufacturer’s data sheet for specific information.

Topcoat: minimum of 0.75 litre/m2

Applying the liquid roof waterproofer topcoat

Apply the Polyshield Topcoat by brush or roller to the dry Polyshield Basecoat with embedded Reinforcing Scrim. The Basecoat is dry after around 8 hours or overnight.

Important note: Do not apply on a frozen or damp surface or in hot direct sunlight. You should apply at temperatures between 5°C and 25°C. Always check for any missed areas and pinholes.

Drying time for Basecoat is up to 8 hours or overnight depending on temperature and condition. Once the topcoat is added, the full cure is up to 7 days. The liquid roof membrane is water repellent to rainfall immediately after application. However, this only acts as a back-up due to sudden, unforeseen rain. Polyshield must be applied in dry weather.

Note: For cleaning use White Spirit.

Permagard - Providing Solutions. Inspiring Confidence. 

Permagard are pleased to stock this reliable and easy to apply liquid roof membrane. If you have questions about green roof systems and roof waterproofing contact our team. 

For more information visit Green roof systems or read our Green Roof Construction Guide


  • Long-lasting seamless finish
  • Works instantly
  • Flexible and highly elastic
  • BBA-approved
  • 15 year guarantee
  • No wastage
  • British made for quality
  • Cold applied so no hot works on roof
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