Microshield 25L - Masonry Water Repellent
A high performance, fast-acting, and ready-to-use exterior water repellent for the surface treatment of masonry, brick, concrete, natural and reconstituted stone. Protect against penetrating damp with a single coat application.

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Microshield Water Repellent

Microshield is a high performance water based water repellent that effectively treats exterior surfaces including masonry, brick, concrete, natural and reconstituted stone to protect against penetrating damp. It is fast-acting product based on silanes and siloxanes. 

Microshield is safe and easy to apply by brush, roller or coarse spray and air cures rapidly even at near zero temperatures. When dry, it provides a colourless, protective microporous layer that is highly water shedding and water repelling against driven rainwater. Unlike traditional solvent based silicone fluids, Microshield can be applied onto fresh, cured, highly alkaline, cement based surfaces, whether dry or damp. It is not suitable for application to wet, green uncured cements/concrete, or as a DPC layer.

Where can I use Microshield Water Repellent?

Surfaces suitable for treatment include:

  • External walls of brick, clinker, natural stone, sandstone, mortars, mineral render, porous concrete, concrete (new and old), limestone, cement render finish. Walls need to be sound and free from cracks and pointing defects.
  • Concrete floors – cement screed or concrete floors can be treated to consolidate and bind friable, porous surfaces and produce a dust free, breathable micro-porous seal.
  • Any new or repaired cementitious surface. These can be treated and water proofed immediately the structure is cured and hard.

Benefits of Microshield:

  • Water based, non hazardous, one coat system is quick and convenient to apply
  • Brushes, rollers and spray equipment rinse out with water (Note: Clean brushes etc immediately after use, do not allow to dry out, cured product is not water soluble)
  • Solvent free, non flammable. No fire risks, no hazardous solvent vapours or fumes.
  • Not effected by the highly alkaline content of fresh new cement and so can be used immediately concrete is cured (3-5 days)
  • Professional product for the damp proofing and waterproofing industry.
  • Micro-porous nature of the treatment allows rapid dry out and leaves the surfaces to "breath".

Preparation and Application

Surfaces to be treated should be free from oil, grease, dust or paint layers and capable of absorbing the Microshield fluid. Test a small, representative area to ensure the product is not repelled and also that the dry finished surface appearance is acceptable.

  • Repair all significant cracks, fissures and faulty pointing on horizontal or vertical surfaces prior to treatment.
  • It is advisable to mask off all sensitive areas such as windows, painted surfaces and decorative metal work, particularly before spraying, since once dry

Microshield is difficult to remove. Similarly ensure any vehicles, garden furniture, plants etc are protected or moved to a safe distance whilst treatment is carried out.

  • Apply a full, generous coat to refusal by brush, roller or coarse spray. In very hot weather greater absorption is obtained by pre damping the surface.
  • Remove all surplus/excess treatment with a damp cloth before Microshield drys out and cures.
  • Do not use/apply if temperatures below 5°C are expected.


  • Highly effective penetrating damp treatment
  • Leaves surface fully breathable.
  • Easy to apply
  • Fast-acting
  • Solvent free
  • Prevents the penetration of wind-driven rain and surface moisture
Model: WRMS25
Manufacturer: Permagard
Packaging: individually
Size: 25ltr
Dilution: ready to use
Coverage: 3-4 m² per litre dependent on porosity of surface
Country of Manufacture: United Kingdom

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