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Newton Basedrain Sump Connector

£27.50 Ex VAT
£33.00 Inc VAT

Connect your sump to Newton Basedrain drainage channels with this high quality connector.

Sump Chamber Connector

Newton Basedrain sump connector allows you to connect your sump chamber to the Basedrain channels. The connector is designed to fit a 63mm pipe that will connect to your Newton sump chamber, while the other end fits into the Basedrain drainage channels. It allows you to effectively deal with any ingressed water as part of a Type C’ basement waterproofing system.

Newton Basedrain is the drainage system used most commonly as part of a Newton 500 cavity drain waterproofing system.

The Basedrain Sump Connector comes with the following components: 

  • Newton EPDM Sump Connector Piece
  • Newton Drainage Adaptor
  • Newton 63mm Flexi-Pipe

It is also compatible with Newton Floordrain drainage channels. 

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  • Newton Basedrain Inspection Port
  • Newton Basedrain Inspection Port 90 degree bend

Permagard - Providing Solutions. Inspiring Confidence.

Permagard are proud to stock a wide range of Newton membranes and drainage systems. If you have any questions about Newton Basedrain or cavity drainage sump connectors please call our team on 0117 982 3282.


  • Part of Newton System 500
  • Provides a reliable connection to a sump pump system
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