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PermaSEAL T-Junction Drainage Channel

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£18.90 Inc VAT

PermaSEAL Drainage Channel is used to relieve hydrostatic water pressure and is installed below flooring membranes at the floor wall junction.


T Junction Drainage Connector 

PermaSEAL T-Junction drainage connectors are used with PermaSEAL Drainage Channels to relieve hydrostatic water pressure. They allow you to easily connect perimeter drainage channels to a cross-floor drainage run at a 90° angle.  

These T-junctions make it simple to change direction in any drainage channel run, helping you design a drainage solution for your basement or structure.  These T-connectors are installed below flooring membranes at the floor-wall junction. They help you channel any water entering your cavity drainage system to a sump chamber or suitable outlet wherever it is located.

PermaSEAL drainage T-connectors simply slot together with the perimeter or floor drain channels. They form a smooth and seamless connection without the need for tape. We have focused on an innovative design that means the internal surface of the T-Piece connector and three connecting drainage channels remains flush. This avoids the unwanted build up of salts and silt and other debris that could cause issues. 

Installing Drainage T-Piece

The T junction drainage pieces are easy to install as part of PermasSEAL’s complete drainage channel system. The drainage channels slot into the T-piece without the need to tape the joints.

The drainage T-connectors are part of our full range of PermaSEAL connectors and drainage channels:

PermaSEAL - Complete Solutions. Made Possible. 

Our PermaSEAL basement drainage channels and connectors are high quality and easy to use. They ensure that water ingress is safely channeled in a Type C waterproofing system. If you have any questions around our PermaSEAL complete cavity drain system get in touch. With over thirty years’ experience in basement waterproofing, we’re here to help.  

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  • Allows you to change direction in drainage channel runs in basement drainage systems
  • Effortlessly connects with all PermaSEAL drainage channels
  • Effectively relieves hydrostatic water pressure
  • Part of a Type C waterproofing system
  • Helps channel water to a safe evacuation point
  • Part of PermaSEAL basement drainage system
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