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PermaSEAL Drainage Channel End Cap

£4.90 Ex VAT
£5.88 Inc VAT

Stop and seal a PermaSEAL basement drainage channel run with this easily to install end cap.


End Stop for Basement Drainage Channels

The PermaSEAL Drainage End Cap slots onto the end of a PermaSEAL Drainage Channel, effectively sealing the end of the run. Generally used where the drainage channel is being installed on a single run along a wall or where the basement is subterranean and not all walls are having cavity drain membrane installed therefore the channel needs to terminate.

The end cap is compatible with the following channels:

Simply push the drainage channel end cap onto the drainage channel to create a secure end.

Installing Basement Drainage End Caps

The basement drainage channel end cap is easy to install as part of PermasSEAL’s complete drainage channel system. The end cap simply slots onto the     drainage channel, bringing the run to a stop. 

The drainage end caps are part of our full range of PermaSEAL connectors and drainage channels:

PermaSEAL - Complete Solutions. Made Possible. 

Our PermaSEAL basement drainage channels and connectors are high quality and easy to use. They ensure that water ingress is safely channeled in a Type C waterproofing system. If you have any questions around our PermaSEAL complete cavity drain system get in touch. With over thirty years’ experience in basement waterproofing, we’re here to help. 

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  • Allows you to stop drainage channel runs quickly and easily
  • Effectively relieves hydrostatic water pressure
  • Part of a Type C waterproofing system
  • Helps channel water to a safe evacuation point
  • Part of PermaSEAL basement drainage system
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