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PermaSEAL Floordrain Drainage Channel 2m

£24.95 Ex VAT
£29.94 Inc VAT

Basement Floor Drainage Channel controls water ingress to a suitable evacuation point.



Floor Drainage Channel without Upstand

PermaSEAL Basement Floor Drain Channel collects and safely transports water as part of a Type C cavity drain system. Installed across floors and at door thresholds, the drainage channel effectively channels water to a suitable outlet. This relieves hydrostatic water pressure in basements and cellars, and protects the structure. 

Looking for perimeter drainage channels with upstands?

Part of PermaSEAL’s  basement waterproofing channel system, the plastic floor drainage channel is designed to divert water efficiently, allowing it to flow through to a sump chamber or suitable outlet. 

PermaSEAL’s drainage channels are designed to avoid silt and salt build up within the channels and at joins, with a smooth flush interior maintained throughout. Drainage connectors allow you to easily lock lengths of drainage channel together without the need for tape. 

The drainage channel does not feature an upstand. This means it can be used across the floor or where an upstand is not required. The cavity drain floor channel has engineered 19mm holes to allow any water ingress to freely pass into the channel to be taken away to an evacuation point.

Looking for a drainage channel without an upstand? These are suitable for doors, and when running basement waterproofing channels across the middle of the slab/floor

Benefits of PermaSEAL Floor Drain Channel

PermaSEAL Floor Drainage Channel deliver the following benefits: 

  • relieves hydrostatic water pressure in a cellar or basement
  • efficiently disperses water across the floor of a basement to a sump chamber or safe evacuation point 
  • slot into a complete range of connectors in our PermaSEAL basement drainage system without the need for tape
  • when used with jetting eyes it constitutes a fully maintainable system which complies with BS 8102 regulations

Dimensions of drainage channel with and without upstand: 

Installing PermaSEAL Basement Floor Drain 

Our floor drain channels are easy to install as part of PermaSEAL’s basement drainage system. They are installed around the perimeter at door thresholds and across the floor. 

The drainage channel can be laid in four ways.

Above the existing slab with insulation: 

Channel should be laid around the perimeter on top of the existing slab (it needs to be level) and directed to the sump chamber. The area of the floor enclosed by the drainage channel should then be raised by installing 50mm Fibran XPS insulation.

Above the existing slab with a sacrificial screed: 

A preformed gap of 50mm deep by 100mm wide from the wall should be created around the perimeter before the concrete is poured.

In the existing slab:

The channel should be laid in a trough cut into the basement slab. Generally a gap of 50mm deep by 100mm wide from the wall will be sufficient. If a larger recess is created, the channels should be laid in a minimum of 20mm aggregate.

New slab:

A preformed gap of 50mm deep by 100mm wide from the wall at new floor level should be created around the perimeter before the concrete is poured. A structural engineer should be consulted to determine the thickness of the slab at the perimeter below the channel.

The drainage channels easily slot into our range of connectors without the need for tape:

PermaSEAL - Complete Solutions. Made Possible.

Our PermaSEAL basement drainage channels are high quality and easy to use. They ensure that water ingress is safely channelled in a Type C waterproofing system. If you have any questions around our PermaSEAL complete cavity drain system get in touch. With over thirty years’ experience in basement waterproofing, we’re here to help.  



  • Effectively relieves hydrostatic water pressure
  • Essential part of a Type C waterproofing system
  • Channels water to a safe evacuation point
  • Part of PermaSEAL basement drainage system
  • Effortlessly connects with all other drainage connectors
  • Protects your structure, property and possessions from water ingress
  • Compatible with Jetting eyes inspection ports to allow inspection and maintenance
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