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Platon PB2 Mesh Membrane 20m²

£136.00 Ex VAT
£163.20 Inc VAT

Damp proof membrane for isolating damp walls above ground and providing a key for a range of finishes.

Platon PB2 Meshed Damp Proof Membrane 1m x 20m

This tough but pliable Isola Platon Mesh Membrane is manufactured from polypropylene (PP) and is designed to be applied above ground to internal walls to protect against damp and the reappearance of salts. The membrane is impermeable and resistant to moisture. It can also be installed straight away after the injection of a new damp proof course, dramatically reducing the project time. It can also be used to isolate damp and salt contaminated walls in hard to treat areas giving the new finish a separation layer and isolating the old salt and damp contaminated background from the new dry and warm finish.

One side of the membrane features 2.5mm studs located at 25mm centres in a regular pattern in both directions. The integrated polypropylene mesh on the front face provides a firm key for new finishes such as render or dot and dab plaster board.

This is a 20 square metre roll at 1 metre high and 20 metres long.


Once a new injection damp proof course has been injected, you can simply mechanically fix the Platon PB2 Mesh Membrane to the walls affected with Platon plaster plugs. You then have the option to either dot and dab or render directly to it. The mesh membrane can be cut to length with a sharp knife or scissors. It is easy to bend around corners. To join pieces of membrane we would suggest installing the membrane like wallpaper with butt joints then using Fleece Overstrip over the joint to make it water tight.


  • Tough but pliable damp proof membrane
  • Life expectancy of at least 50 years
  • Easy to cut with a knife or scissors
  • Resistant to all chemicals usually encountered in building construction
  • Minimal disturbance and preparation to existing substrate
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