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Mould Remover Kit

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Get rid of mould with this handy, highly effective mould remover kit. Contains all you need to deal with mould permanently in one convenient, safe-to-use and cost-effective kit.

Complete Anti Mould Kit

If you want to tackle unsightly black mould then look no further than our mould remover kit. The kit contains everything you need to effectively kill off mould and stop it from coming back.

Professional anti-mould products

The two professional products that form the core of this kit– the mould wash concentrate and anti-mould paint additive – work together to effectively kill off mould from problem areas. Once used, you will no longer experience the stress of seeing unsightly black mould or need to constantly redecorate.

The mould wash concentrate is a fungicidal treatment that removes the mould from walls and ceiling. It works across a variety of surfaces including tiles, wood and painted surfaces.

The anti-mould paint additive can be added to any paint type as well as tile grout and wallpaper paste. You can then paint over the affected areas in your choice of paint. The additive’s properties mean that the mould won’t return even in areas prone to condensation.  

We know what a pain (and expense) it can be to have to purchase all of the other necessary items to get the job done. We’ve designed the mould remover kit so that it contains everything else you need including essential health and safety equipment.

Mould remover kit includes:

  • Mould Wash Concentrate
  • Anti Mould Paint Additive (makes 2.5 litre)
  • 5 Litre Bucket
  • Sponge
  • Mask
  • Gloves
  • Goggles

We have also designed a mould eradication kit that contains a passive condensation vent to deal directly with problem condensation.

How to use our mould remover kit

Follow these simple instructions to treat black mould with our kit:

  1. Prepare your surfaces by removing any loose material e.g. flaking paint or wallpaper. Make sure the surface has a smooth finish.
  2. Dilute one part Mould Wash Concentrate with 19 parts water. You can do this in the bucket supplied. The whole container makes 5 litres of ready to use product.
  3. Wash down the prepared area with the diluted Mould Wash Concentrate using the supplied sponge.
  4. Allow the area to dry thoroughly. Apply a second wash in badly soiled areas and allow to dry.
  5. Add the 50ml bottle of anti-mould paint additive into your choice of paint (2.5 litres), wallpaper paste or tile grout. Mix thoroughly.
  6. Ensuring that the surface is fully dry, apply the paint as per manufacturer’s instructions. Allow to dry fully before applying a second coat. 


The kit contains sufficient to make 5 litres of diluted mould wash that should cover 40-50m². The paint additive when added to 2.5 litres of paint is sufficient to cover 30-40m² for a single coat depending on the paint type. (coverage depends on paint type and brand, suggested coverage taken from Dulux trade matt paint.) 

Permagard – Providing Solutions. Inspiring Confidence.

At Permagard, we have made it our mission to provide solutions and inspire confidence in our customers. If you have any questions about damp and mould issues contact our expert team on 0117 982 3282.


For more information on getting rid of mould and dealing with condensation then read our guide on how to remove mould from walls and tips on reducing condensation.


  • All-in-one kit
  • Effectively remove mould and redecorate affected areas
  • Kill all mould spores with mould wash
  • Make any paint an anti mould paint to stop mould regrowth
  • HSE registered products
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