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Platon Aqua Cellar Sump Twin Pump Kit

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Cellar Sump Twin Pump Kit designed to collect water from the aqua drainage channel around the perimeter of the basement and remove it to an evacuation point.

Cellar Sump Twin Pump Kit

Platon Aqua Pump cellar sump twin pump kit is a ready to use complete basement water evacuation system principally designed for use in below ground structures to remove water ingress from a cavity drain membrane system.

Twin pump systems are the most commonly installed cellar sump pump systems as they have two pumps. One is set to be the primary pump and the other is a secondary or back up pump in case the primary pump fails. This gives the homeowner the most security when protecting their basement from water ingress. The secondary pump can also be swapped for the primary pump at regular service intervals to equalise the service life of the pumps.

The system is linked to the Aqua Channel drainage channel around the perimeter of the basement which allows any water ingress to makes its way to the cellar sump pump which then removes the water to a safe water evacuation point (normally a maintained drain) or a suitable drainage point.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Triton Aqua Pump must only be used for pumping ground water. The pump should not be used to pump grey water from sinks / washing machines / dishwashers / condensing boilers or effluent. Triton Chemical Manufacturing Ltd will not accept responsibility or liability for pump failure or damage caused due to the misuse of the pumping system.

Triton Cellar Sump Pump Kit contents:

  • Sump Chamber & Lid – The basement sump chamber is manufactured from polyethylene. The sump chambers lid is supplied as a structural foam flat lid, which can accept foot traffic. The lid can be easily removed to allow regular maintenance of the internal submersible pump or pumps.
  • Two Pumps – The powerful cellar sump pumps are positioned within the chamber and are controlled by an automatic snap-action float switch. One is set as the primary pump which activates at the lowest point and the second pump is set as the back up pump. As the water level increases within the sump the float rises and when the pre-set switch level is reached the pump will automatically operate and discharge the water. The pumps are 230v and requires wiring into an independent fused spur outlet within 1.5m of the pump.
  • Non-return valve assembly - A non-return valve assembly is provided to avoid any discharged water backing-up into the sump basin. This is fitted directly to the submersible pump outlet via flexible couplings and supplied ready to accept a standard 1½” waste pipe to remove the water ingress.
  • High Water Level Alarm - an essential component within the Aqua Pump system. In the event of mechanical failure of the pump or an unexpected power failure, the water will continue to fill the sump. When the water reaches the level of the alarm float switch, the 80db alarm will sound, giving warning of the failure. The alarm is powered by a 9v battery, which should be positioned in a convenient location such as a kitchen/lounge where it will be easily heard. Once the alarm is heard immediate action must be taken to avoid flooding. Additionally a 12v battery operated pump can be installed offering peace of mind to the client, while  investigations are made into the failure. See Triton Battery Back-up Pump System data. 

Internal pipework and exit connections are NOT supplied with this unit. 32mm high pressure pipe work should be used internally and externally to remove waste water.

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  • Robust polyethylene tank
  • Pedestrian access cover
  • Powerful submersible pumps