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PermaSEAL Jetting Eye & Drainage Inspection Port

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Easily inspect, maintain and clean basement systems with drainage channel inspection ports from PermaSEAL.



Drainage channel inspection port

PermaSEAL jetting eyes easily connect to PermaSEAL drainage channels. They allow you to inspect, maintain and clean the basement drainage system. It is important to carry out regular cleaning of your drainage system to avoid blockages that could impact performance. With jetting eyes you can use water to jet away any blockages and flush out debris.  

Cavity Drainage Systems need to be fully maintainable under BS8102:2022. These inspection ports and jetting eyes make sure that your PermaSEAL system can be maintained and fully meet the code of practice.

These drainage channel inspection ports should be installed at regular points around the perimeter and cross floor drainage runs. You should consider installing them near any changes of direction too. With a simple push connection, they connect effortlessly to PermaSEAL drainage channels both with and without upstands. There is no need for tape.  

Once the drainage channel inspection ports are installed at the correct points around the perimeter, the contractor can create the inspection access. They should do this with standard solvent weld waste pipe - 50mm internal diameter 56mm outer diameter to suit the site requirements (not supplied but available from all good plumbers merchants).

PermaSEAL Jetting Eye With additional pipe

Installing a jetting eye

The inspection ports/jetting eyes are easy to install as part of PermasSEAL’s complete drainage channel system. We recommend that they are installed at 10 to 12 metre intervals along runs of drainage channel. They should also be installed adjacent to corner units and any changes of direction. The jetting eye slots into place with PermaSEAL basedrain and drainage channels. 

The jetting eyes are part of our full range of PermaSEAL connectors and drainage channels:

PermaSEAL - Complete Solutions. Made Possible. 

Our PermaSEAL basement drainage channels and connectors are high quality and easy to use. They ensure that water ingress is safely channelled in a Type C waterproofing system. If you have any questions around our PermaSEAL complete cavity drain system get in touch. With over thirty years’ experience in basement waterproofing, we’re here to help.  

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  • Achieves a fully maintainable cavity drainage system as per BS8102:2022
  • Allows you to easily flush out your basement drainage system to reduce risk of blockages 
  • Suitable for use with both PermaSEAL perimeter and floor drain channels
  • Effectively relieves hydrostatic water pressure
  • Part of a Type C waterproofing system
  • Part of PermaSEAL basement drainage system
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