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PermaSEAL Basement Sump and Dual Pump System

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High quality, long-life and complete basement sump and dual pump system for the collection and removal of water.

Basement Sump Pump System - Dual

The PermaSEAL Basement Sump and Dual Pump System is designed for the removal of ground water from within basements, light wells and water collected from cavity drain membrane systems.

Our Basement Sump and Dual Pump System comprises of an octagonal sump chamber, class leading pumps, lock & seal lid and frame, high water level alarm, internal pipe-work, one way valves and quick release shut-off valve for quick release of the pumps for servicing.

The unique octagonal sump shape ensures structural stability and provides eight large surfaces for inlets into the pump of up to 110mm via a wall flange. The sump chamber also features a flared base to prevent flotation.

Sump & Dual Pump System Contents

  • 1 x Locked & Sealed Lid & Frame with 46mm recess.
  • 2 x CP 250 pumps capable of pumping up to 200 litres/minute or a rated discharge at a head of 4m - 130 litres per minute per pump.
  • 1 x Non return valve per pump.
  • 50mm pressure rated pipe-work including a shut off valve. Double pump systems have a three-way shut off valve to allow for disconnection of one pump whilst the other is still operational.
  • 1 x sump wall discharge assembly that terminates to a 50mm socket outside of the sump ready for 50mm pressure rated pipe (50mm outer diameter - metric not imperial).
  • 1 x Battery High Water Level Alarm.
  • 1 x Octagonal Sump chamber

Please note: The sump is supplied with a precut pump waste outlet hole cut to the chamber wall. Inlet and outlet connections and separate conduits for the 230V pumps and 12V Alarm should be cut on site by the installing technician. Inlet connections will require a hole cutter suitable for the size of the inlets.

PermaSEAL - Complete Solutions. Made Possible.

Our PermaSEAL Dual Sump System is high quality and reliable, and an essential part of cavity drain systems. If you have any questions around installing our PermaSEAL sumps and pumps contact our experts for advice. Simply call us on 0117 982 3282.

To find out more about dual sump pump setup and installation considerations read our guide.


  • Fully built system includes all internal pipe and pipe fittings ready for 50mm discharge pipe (50mm outer diameter - metric not imperial).
  • Non return valve for each pump included.
  • Quick release coupling for each pump for easy installation and removal for servicing.
  • High Water Level Alarm included.
  • Supplied with 50mm sealed and locked recessed lid.
  • Flat areas to side of chamber ready for wall flanges to receive incoming 110mm drainage pipes.
  • Large foot to base of chamber to prevent flotation.
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