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Epoxy Quick Fix 10kg

£97.80 Ex VAT
£117.36 Inc VAT
Fast setting epoxy repair screed for floors and walls.

Epoxy Resin Screed for Floors & Walls

Remmers Epoxy Quick Fix is an epoxy resin screed in kit form, the mixed screed is designed to be used in areas requiring quick repair and early access for example:

  • Filling and repairing missing and broken out areas of floors and walls
  • Bedding anchors and railing posts
  • Producing cills and kerbs
  • Hollow and triangular covers

Epoxy screeds are very hard wearing and can be used where cement mixes cannot. They can be feather edged and dry extermely quickly allowing minimal down time for trafficable areas.

Epoxy Screed 'Quick Fix' kit Includes:

  • 10 kg plastic mixing bucket
  • 9 kg filler mix
  • 1 kg epoxy resin as a primer and binder
  • 1 brush
  • 1 wood stirrer
  • 1 pair disposable gloves

Working directions: as this product contains epoxy resins please note working times can be as low as 20 minutes before the product becomes unusable so make sure all areas are prepared before mixing the product.

Short Video on Epoxy Screed Repair Mortar: 






  • Early loading
  • Rapid hardening at a substrate temperature of only +4°C
  • “All Inclusive Kit”– no extra costs for primer
  • Time saving – because work can continue almost immediately
  • Wide range of applications, such as coving, thresholds, patch repairs and making good defects
  • Easy to use – like cement-based systems
  • No mixing errors, because the polymer resin is mixed before the filler is added
  • No weighing or dosing – pre-batched unit
  • Economic and very very fast!
  • Cures in 1 hour at 20°C
  • Cures in 2 hours at 10°C
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