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PermaSEAL Starter Green Roof Kit - 10m²

£82.50 Ex VAT
£99.00 Inc VAT

Transform your home or garden with our easy to use green roof kit - it contains the core components of a beautiful, environmentally friendly green roof for your shed, extension, garage and more.

DIY Green Roof Kit

Our Permagard Green Roof Kit contains the core components needed to form the foundations of a beautiful and healthy green roof for your home, garden or office. It uses high quality components that are easy to install and deliver all the benefits of a living roof.

Our living roof kit allows you to:

  • Easily install a green roof on a roof with a pitch under 9.5°
  • Attract wildlife and help improve the environment
  • Enjoy an attractive living roof
  • Save on energy 

Green Roof Kit contains:

Our green roof kit has been carefully put together to contain all the core components to create the foundations of a successful living roof.

  • 1 x 20m² (4m x 5m) PermaSEAL Extensive Root Barrier Membrane  
  • 1 x 10m² (1m x 10m) PermaSEAL PRO 8 Green Roof Drainage Membrane
  • 1 x 10m PermaSEAL Double Sided Jointing Tape

Important note: the drainage membrane will cover approx. 9m² taking into account the overlaps.

Looking to start growing your roof? Our Green Roof Growers Kit contains growing medium and wildflower seed mix.

You can also purchase each element individually.

Green Roof Systems

Green roofs work by bringing together specific components in a system to allow wildflowers or sedum to thrive. The primary waterproofing protects your roof - usually timber or concrete - whereas the root barrier stops roots from causing damage. The green roof drainage membrane ensures your plants have enough water but don’t become water-logged. Aluminium edge strips make sure your growing medium and plants remain on the roof and also help with drainage. 

One of the biggest benefits to installing our DIY green roof, is the ability to regualte the internal temperature of the structure. Garden offices in particular can become unbearable through the summer months. The simple installation of our kit can keep the office nice and cool and comfortable, without the need for expensive air conditioning systems.

Where can you install a green roof?

Our DIY green roof kit is suitable for 10m2 gently sloped flat or low pitched roofs (under 9.5°) as long as some basic design rules are followed. You need to make sure the structure can support the weight of the green roof system. Always consult a structural engineer to assess roof load capabilities.

Our green roofs can be installed on:

  • Extensions
  • Sheds
  • Conservatories
  • Garages
  • Cycle shelters
  • Shipping containers

Read our introduction to green roofs for more inspiration.

If your green roof is larger than 10m², speak to us to discuss your options.

Green roof accessories - what else you might need for your green roof:

Primary Waterproofing - Many sheds, outbuildings and structures are already waterproofed sufficiently for a green roof. If you are not confident that your existing roof is suitably waterproofed you will need a liquid roof waterproofer and scrim:

  • Polyshield Liquid Roof Membrane Basecoat & Topcoat - This two-part system (sold separately) is ideal as it’s suitable for both wood and concrete slabs. It has a life expectancy of 10 years but this is likely to be extended as the green roof protects it from UV light and weather. It can also be used over existing waterproofing. Larger commercial jobs may want to consider MB2K+
  • Roofing Scrim - reinforce all joints around protrusions with a reliable woven textile scrim

Type of roof - Depending on where you want to install your green roof and the existing structure, you will need a number of accessories. Permagard sell all the green roof accessories you need, but you will need to specify your requirements. Here are some pointers:

Flat roofs - if your flat roof doesn’t have an upstand, lip of more than one inch or front edge you should consider the following to aid with drainage and keeping your growing materials in place: 

Smaller sheds and structures do not always need the above.

Pitched Roof - With pitched roofs without upstands and lips you should consider installing a timber edge that allows for drainage but also contains all of your growing medium.

Shed Green Roof Kit

One of the most popular choices for our products is as a shed green roof kit. It’s an easy, attractive feature that is easy to install on a range of sheds. It can add colour to any garden and transform sheds and outside offices.

Using a green roof kit

Our green roof kits have been designed to be easy to install. However, you need to complete each stage carefully, following the instructions.

Installing a green roof

  1. Prepare roof
  2. Waterproof roof (when required)
  3. Install Root Barrier
  4. Install green roof drainage membrane
  5. Growing medium / substrate
  6. Sew your plants 

Read more detailed information on installing a living roof in our Green Roof Construction Guide

Permagard - Providing Solutions. Inspiring Confidence.

Permagard are proud to be offering professional green roof systems in easy to use kits. We wanted to allow anyone to transform their home or spaces with a living roof. We’ve created a range of guides to give you the confidence you need in creating and maintaining a healthy green roof. If you have a bigger green roof job, intensive or extensive, please contact us to discuss how we can provide the best solution.

Return to our Green roof systems. Learn more by reading our guides on Green Roof Maintenance and Green Roof Construction Guide 


  • high quality core components of any green roof system
  • no need for previous experience
  • no need for irrigation thanks to the drainage membrane retaining sufficient water
  • simple to install
  • no need for expensive air conditioning units in garden offices, through the hot summer months
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