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Vent-Axia Heat Save Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit

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Compact heat recovery ventilation unit with up to 84% heat recovery ideal for improving air quality in bedrooms and living rooms.


Decentralised Heat Recovery Ventilation Units

The Vent-Axia Heat Save ventilation unit is part of a decentralised ventilation system that delivers fresh filtered air with heat recovery of up to 84%. With a sleek and compact design, it is ideal for living rooms and bedrooms in residential homes and apartments, as well as hotel and office rooms.

These units are designed to achieve maximum air flow and optimised heat recovery - the best of both worlds. This makes them an effective way to stay on top of condensation and damp-related issues and cut energy bills.
Each unit also contains an integrated filter that reduces the amount of pollen or dust entering your property from outside. A great feature for those suffering from allergies.

These heat recovery ventilation units are usually located in the exterior wall with a slim and discreet internal grille. They are controlled with the SENWZP Sentinel Kinetic Zone Controller.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These units are designed to work in pairs, so you will ideally purchase a minimum of two units.

What’s included in the Heat Save ventilation unit:

The Vent-Axia Heat Save ventilation unit features the following components:

  • wall sleeve
  • thermal accumulator
  • reversible fan
  • external wall grille
  • internal grille
  • dust and pollen filter

How does the Heat Save ventilation system work?

Each unit contains a reversible fan and an integrated thermal accumulator. The thermal accumulator collects and stores the heat energy from the air in the room. When the fans change direction after 70 seconds, they release the captured heat into the incoming air from outside that is then blown out into the room.

Each unit contains an additional temperature sensor located in the fans. This detects when the temperature falls below 5°C, it extracts more air to avoid cold drafts.

What is a decentralised ventilation system?

A decentralised ventilation system relies on two ventilation units working together to ensure the movement of air. When installed as pairs, these Heat Save units provide a balanced ventilation system for your property.

For heat recovery to be most effective, two Heat Save ventilation units are installed in the same or separate rooms. These are then configured so one is supplying air while the other extracts air. Whilst more than one unit is advised for the most effective ventilation solution, a single unit can be effective at reducing condensation in a localised area like a single room.

Installing a Vent-Axia Heat Save unit

Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon Heat Save units are easy to install but do need to be installed by a qualified electrician. Ducting is not required as each unit comes with the required wall sleeve.

Once your ventilation design is complete and appropriate locations for the units determined, you will need to cut a 180mm diameter hole for the wall sleeve. The sleeve diameter is 160mm. Full installation instructions come with the units and are available in the download tab.

Important note: suitable for a maximum wall thickness of 460mm or 745mm with optional wall tube.

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If you have any questions around heat recovery ventilation units or ventilation in general contact our expert team on 0117 982 3282. Permagard are experts in condensation control and will find a solution to your situation.

You can browse our ventilation products or read our complete guide to ventilating your home.


  • Improves indoor air quality by introducing filtered air
  • Fully customisable ventilation via a control panel
  • Easy to install and maintain with cleanable elements
  • 5 year warranty
  • a multi-use filter stops dusts & allergens entering your property
  • Keep energy bills down and reduce carbon footprint with up to 84% heat recovery
  • Built-in anti-frost protection built
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