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Platon P8 / Triton TM8 Cavity Drain Membrane 40m²

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A tough and economical clear cavity drain membrane from Triton designed for wall and floor use in the basement waterproofing of new and old properties.

Platon P8 / Triton TM8  Cavity Drain Membrane

Platon P8 / Triton TM8 is a tough and economical cavity drain membrane for both remedial and new build construction. As a tanking membrane, it is suitable for below ground tanking applications, such as in Type C waterproofing of basements. When used in a cavity drainage membrane design along with a sump pump, the 8mm stud of the membrane allows water to drain away safely.

The membrane is primarily used on walls, but can also be used on floors. Platon P8 can also be used above ground to isolate walls that are damp or contaminated with salts. 

Manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE), the Platon P8 membrane is water impermeable as well as resistant to Radon gas.

Installing a Platon P8 / Triton TM8 membrane

Platon P8 / Triton TM8 is easy to install. Despite the membrane’s toughness, it remains pliable, allowing you to preform it around corners. You can cut the tanking membrane to size on site with a knife or scissors.

You have the option of finishing it with or without an independent stud wall. By using Platon Brick Plugs, you have the option to finish the membrane with baton and board.

Alternatively, it can be installed as part of a floating dry board system fitted on floors which can be insulated before the addition of plasterboard finish. Fixtures, fittings walls and staircases can be built off Platon 8 Clear membrane (seek technical advice for structural or load bearing walls). When used as a floor membrane insulation, underfloor heating, screed and floating floors can all be accommodated.

For more details on installing a cavity drain membrane, read our guide to waterproofing basement

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  • BBA Certificated
  • 8mm cavity drain membrane for internal use (Type C)
  • Suitable for both walls and floors, above or below ground
  • Impermeable to water, gas and water vapour
  • Resistant to common chemicals used in building construction
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