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WP TOP Waterproof Render 25kg

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Fibre-reinforced, water impermeable render for reliably waterproofing buildings

Waterproof Render from Remmers

Reliably waterproof buildings with this waterproof render from Remmers. A 20mm coating of Remmers Repellent Render is sufficient to create a waterproof render to hold back up to 1 bar of water pressure. To increase its capabilities, it can be combined with Remmers' Kiesol and Sulfatex Grout to hold back even higher water pressures.

This fibre-reinforced single component render is water impermeable. It is a polymer modified, dry mortar with hydraulic binders, mineral aggregates and special additives. 

Waterproof Render Uses in Outdoor Areas:

  • Backing render for Multi Tight 2K + when applied externally
  • Levelling render also suitable for repairing broken out areas and filling indentations, holes and pipes on mineral substrates
  • Plinth render
  • Water impermeable joint and masonry mortar

Waterproof Render Uses In Indoor Areas:

  • Waterproofing system for basements with normal moisture loads <1 bar water pressure
  • Water impermeable render base beneath restoration renders
  • Waterproofing base for internal waterproofing systems e.g. Sulfatex Grout or PermaSEAL Tanking

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Explore our cementitious tanking or building chemical ranges or contact one of our technical team for any advice. They will be able to help with any questions you may have around waterproof renders.



  • Very smooth
  • Excellent stability
  • Fibre reinforced
  • Good adhesion and bond to the substrate
  • Highly sulphate resistant with a low active alkali content
  • Can be worked by hand or machine
  • Water, weather and frost resistant
  • Water impermeable
  • Promotes drying since it is vapour permeable
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