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WP TOP Waterproof Render 25kg

100% of 100
£49.00 Ex VAT
£58.80 Inc VAT

Fibre-reinforced, water impermeable render for reliably waterproofing buildings

Waterproof Render from Remmers

Reliably waterproof buildings with this waterproof render from Remmers. A 20mm coating of Remmers Repellent Render is sufficient to create a waterproof render to hold back up to 1 bar of water pressure. To increase its capabilities, it can be combined with Remmers' Kiesol and Sulfatex Grout to hold back even higher water pressures.

This fibre-reinforced single component render is water impermeable. It is a polymer modified, dry mortar with hydraulic binders, mineral aggregates and special additives. 

Waterproof Render Uses in Outdoor Areas:

  • Backing render for Multi Tight 2K + when applied externally
  • Levelling render also suitable for repairing broken out areas and filling indentations, holes and pipes on mineral substrates
  • Plinth render
  • Water impermeable joint and masonry mortar

Waterproof Render Uses In Indoor Areas:

  • Waterproofing system for basements with normal moisture loads <1 bar water pressure
  • Water impermeable render base beneath restoration renders
  • Waterproofing base for internal waterproofing systems e.g. Sulfatex Grout or PermaSEAL Tanking


  • Very smooth
  • Excellent stability
  • Fibre reinforced
  • Good adhesion and bond to the substrate
  • Highly sulphate resistant with a low active alkali content
  • Can be worked by hand or machine
  • Water, weather and frost resistant
  • Water impermeable
  • Promotes drying since it is vapour permeable
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