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Read More About What Are Helical Bars?

What Are Helical Bars?

Helical bars are used for masonry repair and reinforcement including crack stitching, lintel reinforcement and foundation repair.

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In this article, we're sharing read on for more information on the several types of helical bars available and their different purposes. Below are the most common helical bars used for construction and structural repair purposes.

What are Helical Spiral Bars?

These are designed for crack stitching repairs. By stitching wall cracks, the masonry walls will become stabilised and the structural integrity restored.

You can use helical spiral bars for different purposes, including masonry bed joint reinforcement and anti-crack reinforcement around doors and windows. They come in three different lengths:

You can get 6mm thickness and 8mm thickness depending on your requirements.

Helical spiral bars also provide extra strength in footings, parapets and retaining walls. They can be used during new construction or remedial work in existing buildings.

The bars are completely versatile and can be cut to any length and bent into any shape. Fitted with either polyester resin or cementitious grout, both techniques will help increase the tensile and flexural structure of the masonry wall.

Easi-Fix Helical Drive Ties

The Permagard Easi-Fix Helical Drive Tie is used to anchor building facades to structural members as well as stabilising multiple width brick walls. They can also be used to re-tie a range of materials such as clay, brick, stone and concrete blocks. Made from 304 stainless-steel, the ties offer an effective solution for tying cavity and solid walls.

The Easi-Fix Helical Drive Tie has been labelled as the more reliable and faster way to tie facades together. The ties can also be installed through cavity wall insulation, providing high strength and flexibility. Although the job may sound expensive, the installations costs are relatively low.

The ties can be installed using a SDS-Plus shank hammer drill to drive and countersink the tie. The unique design of the helical tie means the tie can be easily driven into a 5.5mm pre-drilled pilot hole. The fins of the tie undercut the masonry when being driven into the substrate to provide an expansion-free anchorage that will withstand tension and compression loads.

When the helical tie is securely fitted, it provides a mechanical connection between the masonry façade and its backup material, or between multiple widths of brick.

Heavy Duty Crack Stitching Kit

This exclusive kit contains all the key components needed to repair vertical or stepped cracks in masonry walls. The kit contains a all the required heavy duty crack stitching equipment, including the following:

10 x 1 metre x 8mm Helical Spiral Bars

1 x 10kg Permacem Anchor Grout

1 x Mixing Paddle

2 x Nozzles

1 x Mortar Gun and Barrel

1 x Soft Grip Brick Jointer Trowel

Using the kit will stabilise the structure and integrity of the masonry wall as well as provide resistance against any further cracking.