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Basement Waterproofing

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  1. Perma-Seal Cob Plugs
    PermaSEAL Cob Plugs 110mm
    £36.00 Ex VAT
    £43.20 Inc VAT
  2. Perma-Seal Cob Plugs
    PermaSEAL Cob Plugs 90mm
    £32.00 Ex VAT
    £38.40 Inc VAT
  3. Perma-Seal Cob Plugs
    PermaSEAL Cob Plugs 60mm
    £28.00 Ex VAT
    £33.60 Inc VAT
  4. PermaSEAL Plug Sealing Washer
    PermaSEAL Plug Sealing Washers Bag of 200
    £14.00 Ex VAT
    £16.80 Inc VAT
  5. PermaSEAL Rope
    PermaSEAL Butyl Rope
    £8.90 Ex VAT
    £10.68 Inc VAT
  6. PermaSEAL Jointing Tape
    PermaSEAL Jointing Tape
    £25.50 Ex VAT
    £30.60 Inc VAT
  7. Super Strength Membrane Adhesive - 310ml
    PM Power Fix - Super Strength Membrane Adhesive - 310ml
    £9.70 Ex VAT
    £11.64 Inc VAT
  8. PermaSEAL Corner Strip
    PermaSEAL Overtape 75mm x 20m
    £25.80 Ex VAT
    £30.96 Inc VAT
  9. PermaSEAL Corner Strip
    PermaSEAL Corner Strip 150mm x 20m
    £36.50 Ex VAT
    £43.80 Inc VAT
  10. PermaSEAL Fleece Overstrip
    PermaSEAL Fleece Overstrip 10m
    £18.80 Ex VAT
    £22.56 Inc VAT
  11. PermaSEAL Fleece Overstrip
    PermaSEAL Fleece Overstrip 20m
    £34.40 Ex VAT
    £41.28 Inc VAT
  12. PermaSEAL Drainage Channel 2m
    PermaSEAL Drainage Channel 2m
    £19.40 Ex VAT
    £23.28 Inc VAT
  13. PermaSEAL Floordrain 2m Length
    PermaSEAL Floordrain 2m Length
    £24.00 Ex VAT
    £28.80 Inc VAT
  14. PermaSEAL Flexi Pipe 63mm
    PermaSEAL Flexi Pipe 63mm
    £5.95 Ex VAT
    £7.14 Inc VAT
  15. P-Seal Drainage Channel T Piece
    PermaSEAL Drainage Channel T Piece
    £15.75 Ex VAT
    £18.90 Inc VAT
  16. P-Seal Drainge Channel Corner Piece
    PermaSEAL Drainage Channel Corner Piece
    £12.30 Ex VAT
    £14.76 Inc VAT
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Learn more about PermaSEAL Membranes

PermaSEAL&reg Basement Waterproofing Membranes

Our complete range of high quality BBA-approved basement waterproofing membranes provide highly effective waterproofing below ground. The PermaSEAL range features cavity drain membranes with varying stud heights to meet drainage capacity requirements below ground.

Basement Membranes designed to take different finishes

We manufacture PermaSEAL basement waterproofing membranes to suit different finishes. They can accommodate renders, dot and dab plasterboard, batten and board or can be used behind false walls.

Our basement membranes can be used on walls, floors, vaults and tunnels with the minimal amount of surface preparation required. PermaSEAL® waterproofing membranes can also be used in conjunction with other external waterproofing products to provide waterproofing for external foundation areas of buildings.

PermaSEAL Cavity Drainage System

PermaSEAL cavity drain membranes are designed to be used below ground as part of a Type C Waterproofing System, also known as a cavity drainage system. To provide for below ground structures, these cavity drain membranes need to be used in conjunction with a PermaSEAL Sump and Pump system and Drainage Channels for evacuating water from the structure.

BBA-approved cavity drainage membranes

Our PermaSEAL cavity drain membranes have BBA approval, awarded by the UK's leading building product certification body. Independent, expert-led and trusted by professionals, BBA certificates are a symbol of quality within the construction industry. You can use our PermaSEAL 8 Clear and PermaSEAL 20 basement membranes and related products safe in the knowledge they have been independently tested to ensure the highest quality levels.

Shop the range now and benefit from a quality solution achieved through technical excellence.

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